:image: found these during my husbands mountain bike race

i'm back for 10 more quirks and habits about me:

21. i like NPR...i do. they have these call-in talks about food, car repair, animal info on saturdays and it's really funny to listen to what people call and ask about.

22. i am a list person. i make lists for everything; chores, groceries, what to pack, what to do with my life... call me listy mclisterson.

23. i like cake. but i LOVE pie. the crust and fruit make me giddy. especially when it's warm. if i have a piece of pie, i will heat it up.

24. jack johnson is a staple in our house. his music is in both our cars, a Pandora station, on the ipod, everywhere. you can't help but be happy when you listen to him.

25. i've recently become introduced to indian food and i love it. so, so good and it fills you up in just the right ways; not the i'm-so-stuffed-with-grease-carbs-double-chocolate-brownie-sundae way, but a content way. and i can't even get started on the naan...

26. learning a foreign language fluently is one of my life goals. oui-oui...

27. i have been using eye cream everyday for the past 11 years.

28. one time, my husband and i started and completed a 750 piece puzzle...in one day.

29. i make our bed every. single. day. during the week (weekends i take off)...my morning isn't complete without doing this.

30. i am probably one of the last persons on this earth that doesn't own a smartphone yet (gasp!).

check back next week for more fun facts.