:image: found these during my husbands mountain bike race

i'm back for 10 more quirks and habits about me:

21. i like NPR...i do. they have these call-in talks about food, car repair, animal info on saturdays and it's really funny to listen to what people call and ask about.

22. i am a list person. i make lists for everything; chores, groceries, what to pack, what to do with my life... call me listy mclisterson.

23. i like cake. but i LOVE pie. the crust and fruit make me giddy. especially when it's warm. if i have a piece of pie, i will heat it up.

24. jack johnson is a staple in our house. his music is in both our cars, a Pandora station, on the ipod, everywhere. you can't help but be happy when you listen to him.

25. i've recently become introduced to indian food and i love it. so, so good and it fills you up in just the right ways; not the i'm-so-stuffed-with-grease-carbs-double-chocolate-brownie-sundae way, but a content way. and i can't even get started on the naan...

26. learning a foreign language fluently is one of my life goals. oui-oui...

27. i have been using eye cream everyday for the past 11 years.

28. one time, my husband and i started and completed a 750 piece puzzle...in one day.

29. i make our bed every. single. day. during the week (weekends i take off)...my morning isn't complete without doing this.

30. i am probably one of the last persons on this earth that doesn't own a smartphone yet (gasp!).

check back next week for more fun facts.


:image: working horse farm we took a trip to in the spring

here are 10 more quirks and habits about me:

11. breakfast is probably my most favorite meal of the day. i think because i haven't eaten for 11 hours helps too.

12. one day i want to have a small farm. i will have a vegetable and herb garden, a cow, maybe a few sheep, but definitely land.

13. adding to number 2: i am a girls girl. i love girly, fussy movies, painting my nails, fashion and shoes. but i also love dirt under my finger nails, trees and camping.

14. i have always wanted to surf. scared to death of sharks though...

15. i have three tattoos; two of which are flowers and one star.

16. i get so incredibly outraged when drivers do not use a turn signal. most cars come with them! if yours is broken, go the old fashioned route and stick your arm out the window for pete's sake...

17. i am completely intimidated by home improvement stores. i usually go with my husband (he knows where everything is, what this is, how this works, what shovel to buy), but on the off chance i have to go by myself, i get overwhelmed. i turn into a tourist. 

18. i have a clothing style that i curate often and feel content with. on the other hand, my home style is still a work in progress; i love the calm of neutrals but lean towards color and patterns. sometimes i don't even know what i want and give up on the decorating scheme of things for a bit.

19. i try to avoid scary movies at all costs. halloween? paranormal activity? texas chainsaw massacre? nope. no thanks.

20. sharpie markers are one of my most favorite things. if i could write with them all the time, i would.

surprised by all my idiosyncrasies? ready for more?! check back next week for 10 more.


a new book

:image: via pinterest

lately all i ever read are my textbooks for school and past issues of magazines, so whenever i am able to step away, i love to browse my favorite blogs. when i heard emily from cupcakes and cashmere was publishing a book, i was thrilled! i recently recieved it as an early birthday present and happily flip through it when i need a break from studying.  her blog is one i follow almost every day during the week and it is filled with refreshing photos, delicious recipes and envious outfit posts. she has a relaxing california vibe to everything she creates and i strive to use her tips to make my everyday prettier.

her book is available here and here!



:image: perfect latte from here in Seattle

here are 10 out of 50 quirks and habits about me:

1. i have an unhealthy addiction to magazines, stripe shirts and lipstick (40 tubes...too many? No.)

2. i can usually pick any recipe out of a cookbook and make it, even if i have never tried it before. no fear in the kitchen...except for baking. that, i am working on.

3. i love coffee. i drink it mostly towards the end of a week and on weekends. thirsty thursday? bring on the cappuccino.

4. i get inspiration from book stores and libraries. being in the midst of all the words and thoughts from all walks of authors and artists puts me in a creative mind set.

5. speaking of words...i live on words. i love writing and quotes. as a student, i have to write many words and would prefer a big paper over taking a test anyday. i also have a notebook that i carry and write down good quotes and sayings.

6. i am a procrastinator. i always have been. i work better under pressure.

7. my hair has always been a "thing" for me. i have had it long, in the middle, super-on-the-verge-of-pixie short, bangs, no bangs...right now is full bangs and growing out.

8. the harry potter series is part of my well-being; like a sibling, really. if the world ended and i had to give up those books or my entire collection of books, i would choose to keep my harry potter books.

9. going to the farmer's market is like clothes shopping for me. all the colors and names of vegetables puts me into a frenzy.

10. i love being a really good sleeper. i can sleep for eight hours straight. through storms, husband getting up early, phone calls...you name it. out-like-a-light.

if you were blown away by today's 10 facts about me, check back next week for more.


working out

:image: via pinterest

i've never been one to voluntarily work out. i have always carried a healthy weight and 90% of the time i eat super healthy and do some moderate workouts. i have a love/hate relationship with it and i am trying to move myself towards the love part of that relationship. i have never really been "athletic" in terms and usually prefer reading and quieter things to do. when i was younger i always received good grades, read alot, and my fun activity was band (go ahead...laugh it up). i did participate in a semester of golf and cheerleading but i found golf exceptionally boring and my cheer jumps were never as high as they needed to be. now that i am inching towards 30, i find myself figuring out that i have been afraid of exercising. afraid of falling off my bike onto the gravel road or crashing into a tree stump. afraid of my heart pounding out of my chest and feeling out of breath. afraid of that "i'm about to vomit" surge that happens when your body wants to stop.

my husband is one of the best athletes i know. we have a gym room in our home (i know...i know, it's right there! do it!) with a rowing machine and most of the aspects of a Crossfit gym. he comes home from work and goes right in there; no fooling around, no chit-chat; he just does it. i admire all the determination, grunting and sweat he produces and he has completely changed his body since the first time we met. he has a great love for working out and i am really trying to jump on board. i know working out is all mental focus and i think i have grown with other things as my focus so i don't quite know how to master the love of a work out. i want to love it; to embrace it and make it who i strive to be everyday. we are given one body to work with, so why not master it?

although, i could possibly catch up on my novel while riding the bike trainer?

...just a thought.



weekends are meant for un-made beds, dishes in the sink, and the endless smell of brewed coffee in the morning...weekends are for play, for inspiration, for recharging...

forget all the "stuff" that needs to be done; do the things you want to do this weekend. enjoy.

happy memorial day!


dear blog, i miss you.

time management has not been on my side lately. i consider myself a type a and am usually "on it" as far as anything to do with time and organizing my life.
"time for sleep!" "time for dishes!" "time for schoolwork!" "time for...wait...what time is it?!"
this is the running dialogue in my house as of late. i now know that when someone commits to a blog, it takes a bit of work to keep it fresh and interesting. so pardon my absence dear blog...i shall return shortly. xo

currently: busy...

:image: pinterest

sorry for not posting in a while. it is busy around here; working on projects, photos, crafts, starting my bachelors, and still coming to terms with the fact that it is now 2012. time is flying and i just keep getting busier :) i will be back with fresh topics as soon as i can! hope the holidays were wonderful. ours was cozy with lots of sweet treats. see you soon. xo