:image: working horse farm we took a trip to in the spring

here are 10 more quirks and habits about me:

11. breakfast is probably my most favorite meal of the day. i think because i haven't eaten for 11 hours helps too.

12. one day i want to have a small farm. i will have a vegetable and herb garden, a cow, maybe a few sheep, but definitely land.

13. adding to number 2: i am a girls girl. i love girly, fussy movies, painting my nails, fashion and shoes. but i also love dirt under my finger nails, trees and camping.

14. i have always wanted to surf. scared to death of sharks though...

15. i have three tattoos; two of which are flowers and one star.

16. i get so incredibly outraged when drivers do not use a turn signal. most cars come with them! if yours is broken, go the old fashioned route and stick your arm out the window for pete's sake...

17. i am completely intimidated by home improvement stores. i usually go with my husband (he knows where everything is, what this is, how this works, what shovel to buy), but on the off chance i have to go by myself, i get overwhelmed. i turn into a tourist. 

18. i have a clothing style that i curate often and feel content with. on the other hand, my home style is still a work in progress; i love the calm of neutrals but lean towards color and patterns. sometimes i don't even know what i want and give up on the decorating scheme of things for a bit.

19. i try to avoid scary movies at all costs. halloween? paranormal activity? texas chainsaw massacre? nope. no thanks.

20. sharpie markers are one of my most favorite things. if i could write with them all the time, i would.

surprised by all my idiosyncrasies? ready for more?! check back next week for 10 more.

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