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i've never been one to voluntarily work out. i have always carried a healthy weight and 90% of the time i eat super healthy and do some moderate workouts. i have a love/hate relationship with it and i am trying to move myself towards the love part of that relationship. i have never really been "athletic" in terms and usually prefer reading and quieter things to do. when i was younger i always received good grades, read alot, and my fun activity was band (go ahead...laugh it up). i did participate in a semester of golf and cheerleading but i found golf exceptionally boring and my cheer jumps were never as high as they needed to be. now that i am inching towards 30, i find myself figuring out that i have been afraid of exercising. afraid of falling off my bike onto the gravel road or crashing into a tree stump. afraid of my heart pounding out of my chest and feeling out of breath. afraid of that "i'm about to vomit" surge that happens when your body wants to stop.

my husband is one of the best athletes i know. we have a gym room in our home (i know...i know, it's right there! do it!) with a rowing machine and most of the aspects of a Crossfit gym. he comes home from work and goes right in there; no fooling around, no chit-chat; he just does it. i admire all the determination, grunting and sweat he produces and he has completely changed his body since the first time we met. he has a great love for working out and i am really trying to jump on board. i know working out is all mental focus and i think i have grown with other things as my focus so i don't quite know how to master the love of a work out. i want to love it; to embrace it and make it who i strive to be everyday. we are given one body to work with, so why not master it?

although, i could possibly catch up on my novel while riding the bike trainer?

...just a thought.

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