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here are 10 out of 50 quirks and habits about me:

1. i have an unhealthy addiction to magazines, stripe shirts and lipstick (40 tubes...too many? No.)

2. i can usually pick any recipe out of a cookbook and make it, even if i have never tried it before. no fear in the kitchen...except for baking. that, i am working on.

3. i love coffee. i drink it mostly towards the end of a week and on weekends. thirsty thursday? bring on the cappuccino.

4. i get inspiration from book stores and libraries. being in the midst of all the words and thoughts from all walks of authors and artists puts me in a creative mind set.

5. speaking of words...i live on words. i love writing and quotes. as a student, i have to write many words and would prefer a big paper over taking a test anyday. i also have a notebook that i carry and write down good quotes and sayings.

6. i am a procrastinator. i always have been. i work better under pressure.

7. my hair has always been a "thing" for me. i have had it long, in the middle, super-on-the-verge-of-pixie short, bangs, no bangs...right now is full bangs and growing out.

8. the harry potter series is part of my well-being; like a sibling, really. if the world ended and i had to give up those books or my entire collection of books, i would choose to keep my harry potter books.

9. going to the farmer's market is like clothes shopping for me. all the colors and names of vegetables puts me into a frenzy.

10. i love being a really good sleeper. i can sleep for eight hours straight. through storms, husband getting up early, phone calls...you name it. out-like-a-light.

if you were blown away by today's 10 facts about me, check back next week for more.

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